Truck Accident Attorney in Beverly Hills, California

Recovering From a Serious Collision

Car accidents that involve a large truck are always serious. Not only are injuries much more likely, but your car will probably sustain severe damage. In these scenarios, it is important that you get professional advice from an experienced lawyer. Otherwise, you may not receive the compensation that you and your family need to recover from personal harm or replace a lost vehicle. Even if you share liability for an accident, call Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices today for an easy consultation.

Making the Process Hassle-Free

If you have sustained a significant injury, the last thing you need is another source of stress. We are here to make the process as headache-free as possible for you. In any truck accident, there are many people who may be liable to pay you damages. These include insurance companies, employers, drivers, manufacturers, contractors and even government agencies. That’s why it is important to get reliable advice. We will help you navigate complex issues and identify who is responsible.


Get the Best Outcome With Our Help

Each situation is unique. We will help you choose the best legal strategy for your particular circumstances. While lawsuits are appropriate in many cases, we may suggest that settling out of court is the best option for you. Our team will provide the information and advice you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. Even if you are partially at fault in the crash, you may deserve compensation to make your recovery easier.


Start the Process Now

As with other legal cases, immediate action is best. Act now if you are the victim of an auto collision that involves a truck. The statute of limitations laws only allows you to file a lawsuit within a certain time frame after the accident. We will collect evidence, compile witness testimonies and build your case in time to make the best defense of your rights and interests. The professionals at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices are ready to begin working for you today.