Pain and Suffering Settlements in Beverly Hills, California

Have You Been Injured?

Accidents are a part of life. However, when someone’s careless actions or willful negligence cause you injury, you deserve compensation. From auto collisions, workplace injuries, dog bites, product liability and more, put us to work for you today. The trustworthy team at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices will defend your rights and help you recover from unexpected events.

Pain Is Not Just Physical

Careless or inconsiderate actions can result in different types of pain. In addition to physical discomfort and injury, you may experience emotional and mental distress. This may include fear, anxiety, grief, inconvenience, and loss of sleep. When these issues are caused by someone else, you have the legal right to demand repayment.


Common Pain and Suffering Issues

There are many examples of accidents that result from the intentional decisions of another person. When you are a victim of someone else’s choices, you may incur medical bills and lost income from missed work days. If you are not at fault, we can help you get the money you deserve. This can cover hospital and therapy bills, lost wages, and other expenses you endure because of your trauma.


A Team to Fight for You

The professional team at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices is here for you. We believe that you deserve the best representation available. We will tailor our services to you and give you the information you need to make the best choices for you and your family. With our experience and knowledge, you can have peace of mind that your interests will be defended.

After the Accident

There are several things you can do to maximize your chances of winning a suit. You should complete a thorough investigation, including taking photographs, gathering witness testimonies and requesting police reports. You should also keep a daily journal of your injuries and how they affect you. Get a professional diagnosis from your doctor and keep your medical records private. Finally, compile all of your receipts and call our team to file a lawsuit on your behalf immediately.