Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Beverly Hills, California

Addressing Your Pain and Suffering

Are you a motorcyclist who has been hit by a moving vehicle? Collisions involving motorcycles are serious. Not only are injuries more likely, but your bike will experience major damage. During your recovery process, we will help you navigate complex claim processes and get the compensation that you deserve. Our team will identify who is liable for the damages that you have experienced. Put Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices to work for you today.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Collisions

There are many common causes of motorcycle accidents. These include auto drivers who do not see you or who do not react appropriately to a motorcycle. Cars often cut off motorcycles, do not yield properly to them, or drive too close behind them. All of these scenarios can result in serious loss to the motorcyclist, such as traumatic injury, road rash, internal harm, scarring and even paralysis. Your well-being is worth speaking to an experienced attorney.

Getting You What You Deserve

If the auto driver is at fault, you have a right to compensation for your pain and losses. Damages include your ongoing medical bills, lost wages as a result of missing work, pain and suffering, property damage, permanent disability and more. Even if you are partially at fault, you may still be entitled to payment. Insurance companies will always try to minimize what they owe you. To get what you deserve, it is best to hire a lawyer to navigate these complicated processes on your behalf.

We’re Ready to Represent You

With our background and experience, you can trust the team at Richard D. Hoffman Law Offices to fight for you. We will aggressively defend your rights and make your recovery process easier. We will develop a winning strategy to make the legal system work for you. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our reliable services, call us today.